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How we got Liefmans on the rocks
more brand cool

Starting point

Liefmans on the rocks is fruit beer served over ice, intended for the young and trendy. However, Liefmans found it hard to reach their target audience through traditional media.


Connect with the Liefmans’ audience and write a shared story. Without marketing lingo: boost Liefmans’ presence on Facebook to 10,000 fans.


How we got Liefmans there

If we were going to ask youngsters to start a story with Liefmans on the rocks, it was important to offer them a clear answer to the question ‘what’s in it for me?’ or, in other words, ‘why was it again that I had to become your friend on Facebook?’.

Now, real friends buy each other drinks. Especially when it’s hot. So, we offered our Facebook friends a free refreshing Liefmans on the rocks every time the thermometer hit 30°C during the summer months.

In order to claim their free Liefmans on the rocks, our Facebook friends had to tell their waiter a secret phrase.

This coded phrase only became visible when it was 30°C on a special Facebook application. If they wanted to see the phrase on these days, they had to ‘Like’ the Facebook fanpage and enter their email address.

In the application, we also gave our fans the possibility to leave their cell phone number, so we could alert them when we were giving another round.

Means of transportation

• social media
• conversation management
• radio
• point-of-sales
• print





liefmans_thermometer LIEFMANS_BIERVILTJE



Destination reached?

  • 15,337
    Facebook fans
  • Active fans: 
    71,830 interactions, 13,818 shares
  • Average click-through rate on FB ads: 4x higher than FB average
  • Reach:
    38,622,527 impressions
  • Growth database
    + 3,011
    email addresses
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How we got Levis back on your wall

Quick glance

• Levis paint was under fire
• Create sales campaign that boosted brand’s image
• First time in 5 years, declining sales stopped

Starting point

Levis was number 1 paint brand in Belgium, but its position was under fire. As Levis is more expensive than other brands, sales were going down and the brand image was getting fuzzy.


The meeting point of these three directions:
1. Boost sales
2. Support the brand’s image
3. Accommodate Belgian brand Levis with the international Let’s Colour communication strategy, set out by mother company AkzoNobel.

How we got Levis there

We injected the brand with tons of feelgood vibes and social relevance. Giving the customer in the store a reason to choose Levis over any other paint brand. And why would he do that?


Through buying Levis he can make a difference for his community: he can donate free paint to his favourite elementary school and thus, bring colour into the life of thousands of kids. Without extra costs or effort. Just by buying Levis.

Because for every litre you bought, you could donate 1 square metre of free paint to one of the participating schools.

The campaign was a huge success. For the client, among consumers and at award ceremonies. Logically, Colour Your School was repeated in 2013. With an even more colourful creative output and a stronger presence on social media in order to fully involve the consumer in the international Let’s Colour theme.

Means of transportation

• tv
• radio
• point-of-sales
• print
• online
• social media

Destination reached?

Instant Bingo!

  • 1,778
    schools participated
    1 school out of 3
  •  279,800 square metres of paint were donated, through almost
    50.000 donations
  •  63,884 visitors on campaign website average duration 5,19 minutes 
  •  Declining sales trend stopped for the first time in 5 years
  •  Campaign rewarded by AkzoNobel international as
    Let’s Colour best practice 2012 

Strong results. Again.

  • 1,803
    schools participated
    814 new schools compared to 2012
  •  Again
    256,049 square metres  
    of paint were donated 
  • 63,049 visitors on campaign website
    average duration
    4.36 minutes 
  • 63%
    of website visitors were new compared to 2012 
  •  18,144
    views on Levis’ YouTube channel 

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How animals got you inside


Woop, woop! That’s the sound of the police. And WOOOOhoooow, that’s the sound of the Seveso alarm. Only: nobody knows. And fewer people know what to do when the alarm goes off.

How we got Seveso there?

Honestly, who’s waiting for another public message? And definitely if the subject is as sexy as industrial accidents. Therefor, it was necessary that our Seveso campaign created immediate stopping power en conveyed our message in a simple and human way. And that it didn’t put people in a panic about the possibility of an industrial accident nearby.

So, we started from the insight that animals react instinctly on alarms and dangerous situations. They immediately hide under the nearest rock, seek refuge in the closest cave. Exactly the kind of reflex humans should have too when they hear the Seveso alarm.

We chose to describe this animal behaviour in its most simple form: by means of a natural history film. Not only were we able to show the instinct and exemplary reflexes of the animals in an appealing manner, we also created the chance to stay away from the typical advertising codes and the paternal ‘this a public service announcement’ tone.

Means of transportation

• TV, for a quick broad reach
• Dailies, alluring seriousness to the message and profiting from editorial environment
• Online
• Direct Mail
• Posters & brochures
• PR for local media






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How we got your conscience behind the wheel


• Speeding kills
• Still

Because nevertheless the numerous efforts and campaigns, people still go pedal to the metal once in the car. That’s why the Belgian Institute for Road Safety asked there agency to create a billboard campaign that would sensitize speeders for the consequences of their driving behavior.

How we got there?

If after so many years of public campaigns and speeding tickets you still haven’t learned that speeding kills, a more drastic tone yields. Time to put down the soft and positive, and trade it for an in-your-face approach.

So, we chose the quite confrontational image of a little white cross beside a road. An eternal reminder of the fact that passing speed limits is not only fatal for the one behind the wheel, but also has a huge and often everlasting emotional impact on the surviving relatives of all victims.

This realistic image is amplified by the headline: ‘Your speed, they won’t forget that very fast’.




POSTER_BIVV_NL artikel_2artikel_1

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How we got kids to like milk

Where we were

Based on research and contemporary market insights, milk brand Joyvalle drafted a new brand philosophy: the ‘caring mother’ concept. In short: mothers that care about their children give them Joyvalle.

Where we were headed

They asked us to install this concept through an engaging communication platform that could run for years.

How we got Joyvalle there

We started from the insight that mothers love it when children play outside: fresh air and physical activity are beneficent for kids.

And kids, they love it when they can play outside without their parents constantly telling them where to sit and what to do. So, in a way, we created a win-win campaign for everybody, and especially for Joyvalle.

In 2011, we activated mothers offering them a branded website full of games for their children and tips ‘n tricks to go out and play. They could even connect with young play pals from their neighbourhood. This website was launched through TV ads, great promotions, give-aways, contests and a playful radio campaign celebrating summer hour.

The next year, in 2012, we took the campaign to the next level with increased targeting. Because where can you find kids that like to play outside? Indeed, at youth movements.

So, we gave caring mothers the opportunity to treat their kid’s youth movement to free Joyvalle milk for their summer camp. All they had to do was cut out the little red flounces from the Joyvalle packs and donate them to their favourite youth movement.

Additionally, youth movements were targeted through Facebook with a special Creativity Award. Because as youth leaders come up with new games every week, it was time for us to award their creative efforts: they could upload their best outdoor game and collect as many likes as possible. The youth movement with the most popular game won an unforgettable camp experience.

Radiospot 1  Joyvalle_Bikke_NL_30s_RMX3

Radiospot 2  Joyvalle_BoomOpDeBergen_NL_30s_RMX3

Radiospot 3 Joyvalle_TekaperVaren_NL_30s_RMX3

Means of transportation

• TV
• radio
• online
• on-pack
• social media
• point-of-sales

Destination reached?

  • 2011:
    5,000 mothers engage in the online platform
  •  2012:
    1,004 youth movements send in 179,200 flounces
  • 2012:
    1 youth movement
    out of 3 participates 
  •  Brand Awareness:
  •  Volume sold:
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Licht & Liefde

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How we brought you Light & Love

At the start

Becoming blind or partially-sighted changes your life. Luckily, the non-profit association Licht en Liefde (Light & Love) makes sure your life stays liveable. And they’re doing that for 90 years now. However, Licht en Liefde survives only from donations.


• Increase name familiarity
• Support annual direct mailing for fund-raising
• Boost donations

Licht en Liefde Radio Mix NL20 NEW MIX

How we got Licht en Liefde there

A non-profit organization that makes a difference for 90 years deserves something special on its birthday: a full-blown above campaign. Moreover, because this increases the name familiarity with the general audience.

The creative approach? Because Licht en Liefde helps everyone who becomes blind of partially-sighted during his life, we let people halt at the fact that they are still able to see. All this without overdramatizing.

With a radio ad that relates to the situation the listener is in, and to his activities while listening to the radio, we raised awareness of how crucial it is being able to see.

The voice-over of the ad was recorded by Jo De Meyere: a famous actor, but hardly used for radio commercials. To make the ad stand out even more, we asked him to speak a slower than in regular commercials.

The result is a radio ad that pops out of the block of advertisements and makes the listener point his ears. And received praise on social media.

Of course, visual media couldn’t be left unused in this campaign. As watching TV ads already requires a visual effort, we added an extra dimension: the 90th birthday of Licht en Liefde and the impact of the organisation in everybody’s life.

As an extra, we created and developed posters to be hung in and around churches: the touch point with the older, regular target audience of Licht en Liefde.

Means of transportation

• Radio
• TV
• Print
• Direct mailing






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How we gave you more free time

Starting premise

Most Belgians already shop online. The Louis Delhaize Group has now upped the ante with a brand-new concept: Wink. A first for Belgium because Wink is not the online service of an existing supermarket. Instead it exclusively exists online: not an actual physical store but an autonomous drive-in market.

The aim?

To launch a new brand and store concept on the occasion of the opening of the first Wink in Zaventem. As the permanent communication partner we are also responsible for rolling out Wink all over Belgium.


The route

Wink has several assets but a comparative market study showed that today’s consumers are mostly interested in saving time.

That is why we launched a campaign with the slogan “I wink time for myself” and a strong branding proposition. And because only one store was being opened in Zaventem we decided to use the budget in local media and an eye-catching free local mailing to 15,000 homes near the store.

After the launch campaign we approached consumers with a year-end campaign that focused on the sense of general madness during the holiday season, followed by a print and online campaign about New Year’s resolutions. Because we’ve all, at one point or another, said to ourselves at the start of a new year that we want more time for ourselves. And that’s what Wink will help you achieve.

Means of transportation

• Print
• Door-to-door mail
• Moving billboards
• Outdoor
• E-mailing
• Decoration of the store

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Starting position

Currently, Evergreen is a high-quality & strong lawn maintenance brand in the Scotts group. However, its reputation could use a boost.

The route

For years Evergreen was known as ‘that gardening brand with the frog’. No matter how much we like frogs, they say very little about quality lawn maintenance. That was quite visible in the sales figures.

Therefore, we looked for a relevant insight into lawn maintenance. We organised a questionnaire for people with a lawn. We quickly came to the conclusion that people with questions about their lawns do not browse the web. For that kind of information they immediately phone… their fathers.

That insight led to the creation of a sympathetic father and lawn expert Fillemon and his son Fré; two very colourful personalities with saga qualities. Because of this they boost Evergreen’s brand image and are easy to deploy for fast brand activations.

The new campaign starts with a saga of radio spots. In shops, the brand takes the spotlight via in-store movie, giveaways, life-size cut-outs and other point-of-sale communication.

Radiospot 1  1_NDL-EVERGREEN_vl_TooMuch_30s_180913

Radiospot 2  EVERGREEN_vl_PatchMagic_30s_180913


• Tactical radio campaign
• In-store movie
• Folder
• Point-of-sale materials
• B2B communication

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