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With a superfast switch.

The task

Kela used to be at the forefront of the domestic pet industry with its medicine called Prednisolone. But that was until the name of this medicine had to change. there guaranteed Kela a smooth transition by devising a slick marketing campaign and a new name: Prednicure. The product was launched with great success amongst Belgian and Luxembourgian vets and wholesalers.

Reason for change

The withdrawal of Prednisolone meant that many pet owners, vets, and wholesalers lost a tried-and-trusted solution, representing a key moment in time for industry leader Kela, which – as a result of this change – risked losing to competing brands the strong position it had built up over the years. Or maybe not?

"We moeten het niet onder stoelen en banken schuiven, met het verdwijnen van Prednisolone Kela valt ook de vertrouwdheid weg."


Charles A. Toro

Ready for liftoff?

In order to guarantee the successful launch of Prednicure, there devised a Speed to Market campaign during which we quickly familiarized vets with the new name. We did this by informing 2,000 vets about the name change over a 3-month period using a phased, hybrid approach, ensuring that we were exactly where we had to be before, during, and after the launch of the new product. Focusing all the while on our concept of ‘The box you can rely on’.

The next step

there developed a marketing communication plan that could be deployed online as well as offline (COVID19 pandemic, remember). A personal video message from the Kela sales team introduced Prednicure to vets in every corner of the country, while an emailing campaign, online bannering, and a corresponding landing page injected even more awareness.


Digital might be great, but nothing’s as convincing as the real thing, is it? By posting a friendly surprise package directly to the vets, we gave them an exclusive preview of the new Prednicure box.


However, there also supported the launch at its source: the wholesalers. A bannering campaign on wholesaler websites served as additional confirmation for all the vets.


Smooth touchdown?

Absolutely, because we have a satisfied customer! Personal KPIs per sales rep were achieved. Our communications top open rate came in at 78%, with video views adding up to 47%. The email campaign had an average open rate of 69% (benchmark 15.1%). Mission accomplished!



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