How did

we land



By giving everyone from here to outer space an appetite for a quick bite and a hearty portion of meatballs.

The job

Bon’Ap (Meat&More Group) is a deli that also offers quick meals, either eat-in or takeaway. It currently boasts 30 branches (mainly located in East and West Flanders). Bon’Ap asked our crew to improve its brand awareness and encourage a new (younger) group of consumers to explore what it has on offer.

Reason for change

Our primary focus was on creating a clear brand identity. Who is Bon’Ap, or who does the brand want to be? Sometimes, price and quality alone can no longer distinguish a brand and attract new customers. That’s why there developed a fresh, new brand identity and positioning for Bon’Ap that also appeals to younger audiences, using strong customer personas.
And Bon’Ap is for everyone. So, we swopped the company’s wry baseline ‘Meat and Meals’ for the juicier ‘Flavor for everyone’. Because no matter your budget, preferences, allergies or weird taste, Bon’Ap is there for everyone who likes delicious, quality products.


Ready for liftoff?

Fresh brand identity? Check.
Appealing baseline? Check.
Time to launch this great new chapter.
As part of an extensive communication campaign, we turned the name 'Bon'Ap' into a verb. We included it in the campaign slogan: "Eventjes Bon'Appen!” (Good appetiting!). That boosts the retention rate, doesn't it ;-)


Kunstwetenschappen en Archeologie alleen voor Indiana Jones wannabe's was? Huh?! 


Charles A. Toro

In order to as best possible gear our campaign towards our target audience, we launched a number of new campaign faces, each with their own story. In this way, we demonstrated the various customer needs that Bon’Ap fulfills time and time again. And consumers have discovered why Bon’Ap is the best destination for a delicious bite to eat, whether that’s onsite, at home, or on the road.


In the air

From media planning to a host of radio spots to sink your teeth into. That’s how there has built up the Bon’Ap reputation. If you live in East or West Flanders, you’re bound to have heard their spots and catchy jingle. Here’s a hint: next week, its pork rashers and skewers might be on offer... Is your barbeque ready?

PS: Did you know that there now also works on behalf of Buurtslagers?… ;)


Groenveldstraat 13-15 . 3001 Heverlee .