How we




By daring to indulge in some sneaky treats.

The mission

We were tasked with repositioning an existing brand that already had strong roots and a passion for meat products, requiring us to meet new market and consumer needs without forcing Aubel’s tradition and history into the background.
We know that right now it’s totally trendy to enjoy a sustainable, locally sourced, organic, and eco- & animal-friendly slice of ‘chicken breast’ on your sandwich (so long as it doesn’t come from an actual chicken). As a result, most meat companies are tuning into that trend and offering all kinds of plant-based alternatives as part of their range. Aubel too is keeping up with market developments, but by staying true to what it’s good at, which is quality meat and charcuterie. Aubel is going for less, but for better quality at the same time.


Foundation for change

Both the Aubel region and the company with the same name, located in the south of Belgium, are known for their authentic products crammed with
flavour. This 100% Belgian family business became strong because of its passion for – and expertise in – fine charcuterie and other meat products. That’s how it all started and that is still the case today. So, we advised the company to stay true to its brand – but make it more alluring.


Ready for take-off?

We’re appealing to the market by focusing on Belgians who have the courage to choose life, choose themselves and choose each other. People who go for more … more enjoyment, more emotion, more time with family and friends, more balance … and that deserves a treat in the form of a delicious bite of charcuterie.
With an attractive and effective communication campaign based on ‘MijnAubelMoment’, Aubel is appealing to consumers who allow themselves that very treat. Because they think it’s tasty, because they feel like it, and because they can.
And Aubel? It’s about daring to enjoy.


The old logo has formed the foundation for the new logo, since we didn’t want to totally discard the roots put down over the years. However, a fresh logo and seductive slogan was never going to be enough. So, we molded our strategy’s strengths and promises into a manifesto and devised a feelgood campaign revolving around the enjoyment of delicious food, trust, and togetherness.

3…2…1… Launch!

Our feelgood campaign consisted of various elements, including a number of print ads, a radio campaign, and two television spots. It focused on daring to enjoy. Or in other words, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, so treat yourself to a bite of genuine, delicious meat. Bon Appetit and enjoy!

Mission complete?

Not quite! We’ll be presenting our strategic plan this year, and we’re currently drawing it up in detail. More about that later!


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