How did

we land



By swapping our Moon Boots for welly boots.

The task

The agriculture- and horticulture industry is being modernized and digitalized at speed. To be ready for tomorrow’s challenges today, farmers are needing to reinvent themselves and prepare for life as entrepreneurs in the future. AVEVE Group aims to guide and support all farmers as they go through this process by combining all its agricultural and horticultural expertise into a single strong brand: Arvesta, experts in the field.

Reason for change

For change to be truly effective, it has to come from within. It is therefore crucial for the entire organization to be on board whenever we launch a new brand. The people on the work floor are the ones who guarantee future successes. Changing the course of an organization demands guts and a big dollop of patience. Our top recommendation is to focus on the team. Give the team the time and space to understand the change. Prick the curiosity of the team and allow its members to grow into your future ambassadors.


Ready for liftoff?

There devised an internal campaign that lifted off in a bottom-up direction. By doing this, we generated involvement, dedication and enthusiasm among all crew members, from top management to drivers on the road. Everyone was fully on board for this new chapter.

Inside to outside

Simple as it is, we allowed the new Arvesta baseline – ‘experts in the field’ – to grow into a far-reaching communication campaign. We put real Arvesta experts in the picture with real Arvesta customers. Or rather, in the field. In a field of potatoes in Ieper, a stable in Peer, or a wheat field in Neerlanden. An external campaign that was authentic, simple, rewarding, and genuine. A campaign that portrayed Arvesta’s greatest trump card – its people – in the middle of a field, exactly where they thrive.



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