How animals got you inside


Woop, woop! That’s the sound of the police. And WOOOOhoooow, that’s the sound of the Seveso alarm. Only: nobody knows. And fewer people know what to do when the alarm goes off.

How we got Seveso there?

Honestly, who’s waiting for another public message? And definitely if the subject is as sexy as industrial accidents. Therefor, it was necessary that our Seveso campaign created immediate stopping power en conveyed our message in a simple and human way. And that it didn’t put people in a panic about the possibility of an industrial accident nearby.

So, we started from the insight that animals react instinctly on alarms and dangerous situations. They immediately hide under the nearest rock, seek refuge in the closest cave. Exactly the kind of reflex humans should have too when they hear the Seveso alarm.

We chose to describe this animal behaviour in its most simple form: by means of a natural history film. Not only were we able to show the instinct and exemplary reflexes of the animals in an appealing manner, we also created the chance to stay away from the typical advertising codes and the paternal ‘this a public service announcement’ tone.

Means of transportation

• TV, for a quick broad reach
• Dailies, alluring seriousness to the message and profiting from editorial environment
• Online
• Direct Mail
• Posters & brochures
• PR for local media