How we got Liefmans on the rocks
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Starting point

Liefmans on the rocks is fruit beer served over ice, intended for the young and trendy. However, Liefmans found it hard to reach their target audience through traditional media.


Connect with the Liefmans’ audience and write a shared story. Without marketing lingo: boost Liefmans’ presence on Facebook to 10,000 fans.


How we got Liefmans there

If we were going to ask youngsters to start a story with Liefmans on the rocks, it was important to offer them a clear answer to the question ‘what’s in it for me?’ or, in other words, ‘why was it again that I had to become your friend on Facebook?’.

Now, real friends buy each other drinks. Especially when it’s hot. So, we offered our Facebook friends a free refreshing Liefmans on the rocks every time the thermometer hit 30°C during the summer months.

In order to claim their free Liefmans on the rocks, our Facebook friends had to tell their waiter a secret phrase.

This coded phrase only became visible when it was 30°C on a special Facebook application. If they wanted to see the phrase on these days, they had to ‘Like’ the Facebook fanpage and enter their email address.

In the application, we also gave our fans the possibility to leave their cell phone number, so we could alert them when we were giving another round.

Means of transportation

• social media
• conversation management
• radio
• point-of-sales
• print





liefmans_thermometer LIEFMANS_BIERVILTJE



Destination reached?

  • 15,337
    Facebook fans
  • Active fans: 
    71,830 interactions, 13,818 shares
  • Average click-through rate on FB ads: 4x higher than FB average
  • Reach:
    38,622,527 impressions
  • Growth database
    + 3,011
    email addresses