Licht & Liefde

How we brought you Light & Love

At the start

Becoming blind or partially-sighted changes your life. Luckily, the non-profit association Licht en Liefde (Light & Love) makes sure your life stays liveable. And they’re doing that for 90 years now. However, Licht en Liefde survives only from donations.


• Increase name familiarity
• Support annual direct mailing for fund-raising
• Boost donations

Licht en Liefde Radio Mix NL20 NEW MIX

How we got Licht en Liefde there

A non-profit organization that makes a difference for 90 years deserves something special on its birthday: a full-blown above campaign. Moreover, because this increases the name familiarity with the general audience.

The creative approach? Because Licht en Liefde helps everyone who becomes blind of partially-sighted during his life, we let people halt at the fact that they are still able to see. All this without overdramatizing.

With a radio ad that relates to the situation the listener is in, and to his activities while listening to the radio, we raised awareness of how crucial it is being able to see.

The voice-over of the ad was recorded by Jo De Meyere: a famous actor, but hardly used for radio commercials. To make the ad stand out even more, we asked him to speak a slower than in regular commercials.

The result is a radio ad that pops out of the block of advertisements and makes the listener point his ears. And received praise on social media.

Of course, visual media couldn’t be left unused in this campaign. As watching TV ads already requires a visual effort, we added an extra dimension: the 90th birthday of Licht en Liefde and the impact of the organisation in everybody’s life.

As an extra, we created and developed posters to be hung in and around churches: the touch point with the older, regular target audience of Licht en Liefde.

Means of transportation

• Radio
• TV
• Print
• Direct mailing