How we got Levis back on your wall

Quick glance

• Levis paint was under fire
• Create sales campaign that boosted brand’s image
• First time in 5 years, declining sales stopped

Starting point

Levis was number 1 paint brand in Belgium, but its position was under fire. As Levis is more expensive than other brands, sales were going down and the brand image was getting fuzzy.


The meeting point of these three directions:
1. Boost sales
2. Support the brand’s image
3. Accommodate Belgian brand Levis with the international Let’s Colour communication strategy, set out by mother company AkzoNobel.

How we got Levis there

We injected the brand with tons of feelgood vibes and social relevance. Giving the customer in the store a reason to choose Levis over any other paint brand. And why would he do that?


Through buying Levis he can make a difference for his community: he can donate free paint to his favourite elementary school and thus, bring colour into the life of thousands of kids. Without extra costs or effort. Just by buying Levis.

Because for every litre you bought, you could donate 1 square metre of free paint to one of the participating schools.

The campaign was a huge success. For the client, among consumers and at award ceremonies. Logically, Colour Your School was repeated in 2013. With an even more colourful creative output and a stronger presence on social media in order to fully involve the consumer in the international Let’s Colour theme.

Means of transportation

• tv
• radio
• point-of-sales
• print
• online
• social media

Destination reached?

Instant Bingo!

  • 1,778
    schools participated
    1 school out of 3
  •  279,800 square metres of paint were donated, through almost
    50.000 donations
  •  63,884 visitors on campaign website average duration 5,19 minutes 
  •  Declining sales trend stopped for the first time in 5 years
  •  Campaign rewarded by AkzoNobel international as
    Let’s Colour best practice 2012 

Strong results. Again.

  • 1,803
    schools participated
    814 new schools compared to 2012
  •  Again
    256,049 square metres  
    of paint were donated 
  • 63,049 visitors on campaign website
    average duration
    4.36 minutes 
  • 63%
    of website visitors were new compared to 2012 
  •  18,144
    views on Levis’ YouTube channel