How we got kids to like milk

Where we were

Based on research and contemporary market insights, milk brand Joyvalle drafted a new brand philosophy: the ‘caring mother’ concept. In short: mothers that care about their children give them Joyvalle.

Where we were headed

They asked us to install this concept through an engaging communication platform that could run for years.

How we got Joyvalle there

We started from the insight that mothers love it when children play outside: fresh air and physical activity are beneficent for kids.

And kids, they love it when they can play outside without their parents constantly telling them where to sit and what to do. So, in a way, we created a win-win campaign for everybody, and especially for Joyvalle.

In 2011, we activated mothers offering them a branded website full of games for their children and tips ‘n tricks to go out and play. They could even connect with young play pals from their neighbourhood. This website was launched through TV ads, great promotions, give-aways, contests and a playful radio campaign celebrating summer hour.

The next year, in 2012, we took the campaign to the next level with increased targeting. Because where can you find kids that like to play outside? Indeed, at youth movements.

So, we gave caring mothers the opportunity to treat their kid’s youth movement to free Joyvalle milk for their summer camp. All they had to do was cut out the little red flounces from the Joyvalle packs and donate them to their favourite youth movement.

Additionally, youth movements were targeted through Facebook with a special Creativity Award. Because as youth leaders come up with new games every week, it was time for us to award their creative efforts: they could upload their best outdoor game and collect as many likes as possible. The youth movement with the most popular game won an unforgettable camp experience.

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Radiospot 2  Joyvalle_BoomOpDeBergen_NL_30s_RMX3

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Means of transportation

• TV
• radio
• online
• on-pack
• social media
• point-of-sales

Destination reached?

  • 2011:
    5,000 mothers engage in the online platform
  •  2012:
    1,004 youth movements send in 179,200 flounces
  • 2012:
    1 youth movement
    out of 3 participates 
  •  Brand Awareness:
  •  Volume sold: