Starting position

Currently, Evergreen is a high-quality & strong lawn maintenance brand in the Scotts group. However, its reputation could use a boost.

The route

For years Evergreen was known as ‘that gardening brand with the frog’. No matter how much we like frogs, they say very little about quality lawn maintenance. That was quite visible in the sales figures.

Therefore, we looked for a relevant insight into lawn maintenance. We organised a questionnaire for people with a lawn. We quickly came to the conclusion that people with questions about their lawns do not browse the web. For that kind of information they immediately phone… their fathers.

That insight led to the creation of a sympathetic father and lawn expert Fillemon and his son Fré; two very colourful personalities with saga qualities. Because of this they boost Evergreen’s brand image and are easy to deploy for fast brand activations.

The new campaign starts with a saga of radio spots. In shops, the brand takes the spotlight via in-store movie, giveaways, life-size cut-outs and other point-of-sale communication.

Radiospot 1  1_NDL-EVERGREEN_vl_TooMuch_30s_180913

Radiospot 2  EVERGREEN_vl_PatchMagic_30s_180913


• Tactical radio campaign
• In-store movie
• Folder
• Point-of-sale materials
• B2B communication