How we got your conscience behind the wheel


• Speeding kills
• Still

Because nevertheless the numerous efforts and campaigns, people still go pedal to the metal once in the car. That’s why the Belgian Institute for Road Safety asked there agency to create a billboard campaign that would sensitize speeders for the consequences of their driving behavior.

How we got there?

If after so many years of public campaigns and speeding tickets you still haven’t learned that speeding kills, a more drastic tone yields. Time to put down the soft and positive, and trade it for an in-your-face approach.

So, we chose the quite confrontational image of a little white cross beside a road. An eternal reminder of the fact that passing speed limits is not only fatal for the one behind the wheel, but also has a huge and often everlasting emotional impact on the surviving relatives of all victims.

This realistic image is amplified by the headline: ‘Your speed, they won’t forget that very fast’.




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